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About US

You have taken the courageous leap to follow your dreams and start your newest adventure opening your own company.

This is an exciting time for most as the opportunities are endless. Creating brand awareness is key and getting the attention of a new client is crucial, as is retaining current relationships. We can help your business to succeed

Juan the founder of JPSolutions has created a unique approach to developing websites.

JPSolutions is a dynamic, family run business based in Cape Town offering personalised services. We collaborate with our customers to develop customer focused websites specific to your needs. Passion, credo and meeting the customers where they are, online.

Analysing your business needs and navigating uncertainties due to the evolution of the digital age together we will create a solution that is best for your business and budget.

Juan has 13 years of customer facing experience across a wide range of industries. Being a business owner for the past 4 years he has developed the skills which will exceed expectations and give your business the leap you are searching for.